Revo MQB 2.0TSI | Low Pressure Fuel Pump

The Revo MQB Low Pressure Fuel Pump (LFFP) is a direct replacement upgrade to safely support the demands of IS38ETR turbo upgrade and tuning.



ow Pressure Fuel Pump
MQB 2.0T EA888 GEN3

The Revo Low-Pressure Fuel Pump has been designed and manufactured to directly replace the stock pump found in vehicles with the 2.0T TSI EA888 Gen3 engines that are running higher stages of tuning and the Revo IS38ETR (Enhanced Turbo by Revo). The Revo LPFP offers a high-quality replacement that’s compatible with the factory fuel basket and not requiring additional controllers.

The in-tank low-pressure fuel pump is designed to provide the cam-driven high-pressure fuel pump with enough fuel to facilitate the required fuelling for each injector in the engine. The stock pump starts to become a restriction when you start running high demands from the IS38ETR.

During ongoing development, it becomes apparent that after prolonged times the demand on the stock pump wasn’t providing the headroom for safety and longevity that we required. Following our tuning philosophy, we opted for designing an upgraded unit that would handle our current tuning as well as giving ample headroom for further tuning.

Key Features

Utilises OE basket
High-quality CNC machined adaptors
Stainless steel fittings
Walbro 450 pump
Improved reliability
Complete plug and play system