Gearbox / TCU Tuning

Currently at MTR we offer the widest ranging DSG software upgrades available on the market. From ‘off-the-shelf’ and fully customizable software solutions, from superbly smooth drivability functions to fully customizable record setting track applications, our unique DSG software got you covered! Find out more today.


Yes it is highly recommended to do so as your ride will be a lot more livelier to drive. One of the main functions of a DSG/TCU tune is to allow more torque to be transferred through the Engine and Transmission which results in more power and torque throughout the entire rev range (depending on vehicle model), there are also many other functions that can be modified to improve the overall driving experience.

here are some key features of our dsg tuning

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Revo Tuning

Revo Software & Hardware solutions in harmony helps to unleash the true potential of your engine to achieve the high performance  whilst ensuring longevity & driveability.

Custom Tuning

With over 10 years of DSG experience, our technicians are capable of accurately diagnosing any potential DSG issues and provide the best and cost-effective solution.

Other Services

MTR is a definitive one stop center for all your automotive needs, such as General Servicing, Transmission Repairs, Pre Purchase Inspection and Car Insurance & Claims.