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CAR INSURANCE & Accident Claim

If you met with an accident, we highly recommended that you seek insurance claims assistance from an independent workshop such MTR. Find out more today how this will protect your car’s resale value and warranty status. At the same time, did you know that the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore has ruled that car dealers must honour your car warranty even if it is repaired by an independent workshop like MTR.

benefits of repairing with us



Basic Maintenance

With the highest quality service using only genuine parts, your vehicle will receive the highest levels of care and expertise from our trained technicians.

Transmission Repair / Works

With over 10 years of DSG experience, our technicians are capable of accurately diagnosing any potential DSG issues and provide the best and cost-effective solution.

Pre Purchase Inspection

we provide a thorough inspection of your vehicle's cosmetic, mechanical, and safety condition to provide you a better idea on the best-suited purchase for you.

ECU / Gearbox Tuning

We love to tinker with cars here at MTR, and it shows! We hoe our craft, learning about the latest diagnostic tools to keeping up with current automotive trends.