ECU / Gearbox Tuning

staying up-to-date with technology

We love to tinker with cars here at Motoren and it shows. Our almost zen-like obsession with every aspect of automotive servicing, maintenance and modification comes from our love of cars. It is with this passion that we hone our craft, from learning about the latest diagnostic tools to keeping up with current automotive trends.

Revo Tuning

Revo Software & Hardware solutions in harmony helps to unleash the true potential of your engine to achieve the high performance  whilst ensuring longevity & driveability.

Custom Tuning

With over 10 years of DSG experience, our technicians are capable of accurately diagnosing any potential DSG issues and provide the best and cost-effective solution.

Gearbox / TCU Tuning

We offer the widest ranging DSG software upgrades available on the market. From ‘off-the-shelf’  to fully customizable solutions, our unique DSG software got you covered!

Frequently asked questions

Our basic Stage 1 tuning is designed for 95RON fuel. For our high performance software from Stage 2 to 4 tuning we highly recommend 98RON fuels.

All of our testings are conducted using Esso 98RON

At MTR, we would recommend the servicing interval to be done earlier at 7500 – 10,000km which are acceptable for MTR tuned stock turbo cars which are used for spirited road driving. We do recommend checking the spark plugs for integrity every 20,000km. Customers who use their cars for track usage, we would  recommend them to change the oil and have health inspections every 5000km.

Because ECU tuning requires adjustment to the factory settings of the ECU, or completely uploading a new map into the ECU, it will void its warranty.