Leyo Motorsport MQB 1.8/2.0T FULL TURBO CHARGE PIPE (7.5R)


For more efficient and cooler air flow, be sure to compliment your ride with Leyo Motorsport’s Turbo Charge Pipes.

Our in-house designed full aluminium tubing allows a less restricted path between your intercooler and turbocharger housing. When performing real time testing, our research and developers found the OEM unit was not efficient in keeping intake air traveling smoothly all the way to the Manifold. This is where Leyo Motorsport turbo charge pipes comes in. We use a heavy duty silicon hose and clamp to maintain optimal high boost flow for stage 1 to stage 3 setups in your performance vehicle with extra WMI Bung. The Leyo Motorsport turbo charge piping is larger than the OEM unit allowing for smoother performance when tuning on a dyno.

Don’t let airflow be restricted, order your unique Leyo Motorsport turbo charge pipe kit today.

Leyo Motorsport
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  • Improved air flow from the turbo all the way through.
  • Removes OEM restrictions.
  • Pipes made from heavy duty aluminum.
  • Connectors made from heavy duty silicon.
  • Perfect for Stock & Stage 1 through to 3 performance.
  • 2 WMI Bung.
  • 10mm larger than OEM.


  • Volkswagen
  • Golf MK7 GTI MQB
  • Golf MK7.5 GTI MQB
  • Golf MK7 R MQB
  • Golf MK7.5 R MQB
  • Golf Sportwagen MK7 1.8T Gen3
  • Golf Hatchback MK7 1.8T Gen3
  • Alltrack 1.8T Gen3


  • S3 8V Quattro 2.0T
  • A3 8V FWD 1.8T
  • A3 8V Quattro 2.0T