Eventuri F5X MINI JCW GP3/ Clubman

Performance Increase JCW GP3: 15-18hp, 17-20ft-lb

Fitment: 306hp F56 JCW GP3 and 306hp F54 JCW Clubman

The F5X JCW Eventuri intake system is a perfect example of our “Complete System” principal. It is a sealed system which ensures that the turbo does not draw hot air from the engine bay but enhanced with a functional bonnet scoop which forces ambient air into the intake duct. This duct has a larger internal volume than the stock version and also draws air from the stock location above the radiator. The combination of a sealed system with an air scoop results in lower intake temperatures than the stock airbox and avoids heat soak which is a common issue especially on higher powered MINIs. To ensure the smoothest flow possible we use our Patented Venturi filter housing which has an integrated MAF section for a seamless flow path to the turbo.



Part Numbers:

EVE-JCWGP3-INT : Mini JCW GP3 / Clubman 306HP Carbon Intake

The Eventuri F5X JCW intake system consists of a number of components engineered to perform a specific purpose and fabricated to the highest of standards. Here are the details for each component and the design ethos behind them:

Each intake system consists of:

Carbon Fibre Venturi Filter Housing with integrated MAF tube
Bespoke High Flow Dry Filter
Carbon Fibre inlet Duct
Carbon Fibre Inlet Scoop
CNC Machined MAF Boss
Laser Cut Stainless Steel Bracket Work