Eventuri BMW F90 M5 V2

Acceleration Time : 60-130mph Reduced By 0.22 seconds
Max Flow Rate Per Airbox at 28″ H2O: Stock 620 CFM, Eventuri 736 CFM

The F90 M5 Eventuri intake system was developed through extensive real world testing and airflow simulation analysis. Now in the updated V2 design, it features sealed filter housings to maintain a more steady IAT, even while stationary. The new shrouds which seal the housings, coupled with our scoop and shield combination ensures unrestricted airflow whilst maintaining low IATs through cold air saturation. Our large front air scoops transfer ambient air directly into the intake area thus ensuring the engine doesn’t suffer from heat soak. In addition, our gold heat-reflective lined shields have integrated flow guides which direct the ambient air from the scoops into the filters. We have also managed to increase the inlet tube cross-sectional area by over 30% compared to the stock intake as it feeds through the openings in the strut braces. This allows the turbos to work more with less restriction and reduce the waste-gate duty cycles.



Part Numbers:

EVE-F9XM5M8-CF-INT : BMW F9X M5/M8 Black Carbon intake with shrouds

The Eventuri F90 M5 intake system consists of a number of components engineered to perform a specific purpose and fabricated to the highest of standards. Here are the details for each component and the design ethos behind them:

Each intake system consists of:

2 x Carbon Fiber Venturi Housings with Integrated Tubes
2 x Bespoke High Flow Generation 2 Filters
2 x Carbon Fiber Filter Shrouds
2 x Aluminium Inlet Cowls
2 x Carbon Fiber Air Scoops
2 x Laser Cut Heat Shields lined with Gold Heat Reflective Material
2 x Laser Cut Air Ramps integrated into the Heat Shields
High Quality Silicon Couplers and OEM Spec Hose Clamps