Why Choose Us

Our Philosophy

We stand behind the products that we sell as we only recommend products and services that we would use ourselves. Rigorously tested on the track and even in our personal vehicles.


Our list of specialisation includes the following vehicle makes: Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. However, we do the occasional Japanese or Continental make as well.

Accredited Technicians

Our technicians are Volkswagen trained specialists and are familiar with a wide range of VAG Group vehicles. This ensures that no shortcuts are taken when it comes to dealing with our customers’ cars.

Modern Equipment

Modern cars are hugely dependent on code. Software manages how your car is running within milliseconds. With our relentless acquisition of the latest hardware and software, we have access to original factory tools to diagnose, rectify or modify issues that arise with the modern engine.

Passion behind the craft

Keeping up with the latest in technology.

We love to tinker with cars here at Motoren and it shows. Our almost zen-like obsession with every aspect of automotive servicing, maintenance and modification comes from our love of cars. It is with this passion that we hone our craft, from learning about the latest diagnostic tools to keeping up with current automotive trends.

Our Services

Engine Oil Change

Engine Overhaul

Engine Building

Gearbox Building

Engine Oil Change (simple)

The engine serves as the heart of your vehicle. Regularly changing your car's engine oil and filter is one of the most important things you can do to keep your car running well.

Engine overhaul (complex)

An engine overhaul is necessary once the engine is worn out to ensure that the car’s motor would not only start easier, run quieter and smoother, but also use slightly less fuel, and make a little more horsepower. Our cost effective engine overhaul services ensures just that. Peace of mind.

Engine building

Rebuilding an engine can help eliminate the possibility of costly mistakes, saving you time, energy, and frustration. With our specialist in engine rebuilding for VW and Audi, you can now rest easy knowing that your car is in the right hands.

Gearbox building

Choosing the right combination of your car’s motor and gearbox is very important. Without appropriate and suitable motor-gearbox, you will find that your car does not function as quickly and effectively. Our gearbox rebuilding service ensures that your car drives at its optimum.


I have just installed RS Chip on a Suzuki Swift Sport and I must say that I am really satisfied with the way the car feels. Improved throttle responsiveness what was I wanted, and improved responsiveness was what I got. This is all thanks to Julian, who made a point to understand what I really wanted from the car and made the necessary recommendation.
Darren Tan Kian Peng
Thank you Julian and Wilson and your team of mechanics who went to lengths to answer my endless queries and difficult personal whims. You guys are the reason why tuned car enthusiasts constantly come back to you for more. Kudos to a great job done!
YB Dato Md Isuandi
Went to them to troubleshoot multiple symptoms including a CEL error. Only an experienced team could diagnose the root cause as what they have done. It wasn't an easy one, and you could trust these guys to diagnose and provide you with practical insights and advice on the course of action. Thumbs up to you all. Keep up the good work!
Dave Wee
Friendly staff are prompt and attentive, service is efficient and great value for money. Also gives sound advice and recommendation to motoring issues!
Ethan Lim